Call For Proposals

Incubator Partners To Advance Local Women, Immigrant, And Minority Entrepreneur Businesses

Wurwand Foundation Goals And Objectives

FOUND/LA, a Wurwand Foundation initiative, supports local entrepreneurs to help them build their business, purpose, and community. We connect future and existing business owners—particularly women, immigrants, and minorities—with resources to help them succeed.

This call for proposals aims to help us find and fund partners who are providing resources, events and mentorship for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. We are hoping to identify multiple organizations who are already running programs that provide educational support for local entrepreneurs. Grants will be for a one-year pilot to help us get to know the organizations and the communities where they work before potentially establishing a longer-term, multi-year grant in 2020.

We think about our partners as an ecosystem, with individual partners adding value in unique and complementary ways.


To identify a diverse set of organizations that provide support to entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on women, immigrant, and minority businesses.


Call for Proposals Issued

January 14, 2019

Clarifying Questions Submitted to FOUND/LA

February 1, 2019

Final Proposals Submitted

February 28, 2019

Selection & Notification

By April 2019

Email your application to by February 28, 2018


How long will grants be?

Up to one year. We are hoping that through our pilot grants this year, we will find programs and partners that we will be able to fund for multiple years.

How many applicants do you expect to fund?

Between 1-5 organizations.

What will the amount of the grants be?

It depends on the size and scope of the work, but the total grant amount per organization should not exceed $50,000. Please include amount of funding requested.

Why doesn’t the RFP ask for a specific grant amount?

The size of each grant will depend on the number and range of potential grants, the size of your overall organization or project budget, and the total amount of funds available.

Can we apply for a multi-organization grant?

Yes. Please identify one coordinating partner and primary contact and submit a joint proposal.

Can we apply if our organization is not only focused on supporting entrepreneurs through incubation?

If you are a multi-issue organization and you have a specific program focused on supporting entrepreneurs via education, mentorship, or community building, you may apply.

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